Wall -mounted gas boiler



The utility model discloses a wall -mounted gas boiler, when having solved the inlet tube and leaking, the valve switches unusually, leads to wall -mounted gas boiler normally to work, and user of service this moment informed's problem not, its technical scheme main points are: including casing, inlet tube, still include water pressure detection device, water pressure comparer, water pressure standard apparatus, water pressure control device, auto -change over device, the detection device that leaks, leak water control device, alarm device, ribbon, mounting bracket, through -hole, when water pressure comparer received water pressure detected signal was less than water pressure benchmark value signal, water pressure control device control flap switched, made water leakage detection device carry out work simultaneously, and when water leakage detection device detects the inlet tube and leaks, leak water control device and control alarm device and report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance, the utility model discloses a wall -mounted gas boiler, when the water, the automatic switching valve of meeting has improved the water use rate, detects the inlet tube simultaneously, in case take place to leak to send to report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance.




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