Interior slip sheet is used to cigarette



The utility model discloses an interior slip sheet is used to cigarette, its wraps from the interior first spices coating that extremely sets gradually outward, goes up base paper layer, second spices coating, beeswax coating, lower base paper layer, printing ink layer and impressed watermark decorative layer, go up base paper layer and all adopt the bamboo fibre to make with lower base paper layer, adopt first spices coating and the second spices coating made by leaf of bamboo essential oil to the slip sheet has the fragrant note of unique natural bamboo fresh and cool natural, sweet liang run in making, adopts the edge rolling of this inside lining wrapper, and it is fragrant to volatilize the nature bamboo through first spices coating and second spices coating, make the cigarette case in sufficient natural bamboo soundly, give the cigarette natural fresh and sweet division of package fragrant smell.




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