High frequency oscillating respirator


  • Inventors: XU ZHENGHUI
  • Assignees: 徐正惠
  • Publication Date: August 29, 1990
  • Publication Number: CN-2061053-U


The utility model relates to a high frequency oscillating respirator, which comprises an air current source of high frequency, a connection pipe (7), a low passing pipe (8), a pressure gauge (10), a tachometer (12) and a tracheal cannula (11). The air current source of high frequency comprises an electric motor (3), a fly wheel (2), a connection rod (4) and an air chamber (5) or a linear electric motor (20) or the air chamber (5). Compared with the high-frequency respirator in an acoustic horn type, the high-frequency oscillation respirator adopts the electric motor to replace voice coils and thus a strong flow quantity amplitude is obtained. Compared with the respirator in a piston type, a rubber membrane replaces the piston and thus the noise is reduced. The high frequency oscillating respirator has adjustable air current frequency between 1 to 15Hz and adjustable amplitude between 50 ml to 400 ml with the advantages of large air current amplitude and low noise. The utility model is suitable for the animal experiment and the treatment of the respiratory distress syndrome of the medical clinic.




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