Extreme low -altitude remote control flight plant protection of four electronic rotors machine



Extreme low -altitude remote control flight plant protection of four electronic rotors machine includes rotor, flight control computer, support, foot rest, motor, medical kit, receives formula spray lance, flight control box, battery to one side, its characterized in that, the support is cross distribution, the tip of support all is provided with the motor, there is the rotor on motor upper portion through the hub connection, the cross middle part that the support formed is provided with the flight control box, the inside flight control computer that is provided with of flight control box, flight control box lower part is provided with battery and medical kit, the battery is located between flight control box and the medical kit, the medical kit is the hemisphere, the foot rest is located the lower part of support, the tip at the support is fixed to the foot rest, the end fixing of receiving the formula spray lance to one side is on the foot rest, the battery is located the medical kit top, the support is fixed on the flight control box, the medical kit is fixed on the foot rest. The utility model relates to a safe, high -efficient, reliable, convenient operation's plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle.




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