Ducted fan power car



The utility model discloses a ducted fan power car, which comprises a carriage body, install the seat in the automobile body, install the lift ducted fan who is located the seat below on the automobile body, the top of automobile body is equipped with thrust ducted fan, be equipped with inlet channel between seat and the lift ducted fan, this inlet channel's inlet end extends to the automobile body dead ahead, and inlet channel's the end of giving vent to anger extends to the side of admitting air of just closing on lift ducted fan in lift ducted fan top. The utility model discloses an arrange lift ducted fan in the seat below, set up inlet channel and continue to twist the air feed for overall structure is compacter, and lift ducted fan provides the lift that the size can be adjusted, and promptly according to vehicle and the change of passenger's weight, adjustment lift ducted fan power obtains pertinent lift, offsets mutually with vehicle and passenger's weight, make the automobile float subaerial, and the side of advancing of automobile drives through thrust ducted fan.




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