Full -automatic rubber cutting machine



The utility model discloses a full -automatic rubber cutting machine, it is main including preceding rack, back rack, the touch screen, the section case, preceding rack and back rack end connection, the level is placed, section case diaphragm upper end level is fixed with cell type horizontal conditioning tank, horizontal conditioning tank adjusts the pearl through upper and lower complex and is connected with the support frame side is portable, support frame top portion installs perpendicular accommodate motor, perpendicular adjusting screw is connected to perpendicular accommodate motor bottom, end connection is on the cutter link at the bottom of the perpendicular adjusting screw, support frame top side angle is fixed with the connection otic placode, the cooperation is equipped with horizontal screw on connecting the otic placode, section bottom of the case portion installs the touch screen pole through the stiff end in one side, the touch screen pole is buckled the end perpendicularly and is installed the touch screen, the inside master switch that sets up of touch screen. Through full automatic control engineering, to article in the middle of the jiao tuo form of food or medicine cut into slices, the stripping and slicing, finally form the required product specification. The whole automatic control of equipment can cooperate with other equipment of upper and lower process, realizes the streamlined production.




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