Fire gun big gun head



The utility model discloses a fire gun big gun head, including the big gun head body, rivers transform valve body and play water dog, the big gun head body is the barrel of opening form for both ends about it, rivers transform valve body through the mode of screw cup joint in on the lateral wall of the big gun head body, the upper end of the big gun head body is equipped with loudspeaker form delivery port, the upper end of rivers transform valve body has the delivery port, it sets up to go out the water dog the internal correspondence of big gun head the position of loudspeaker form delivery port, loudspeaker form delivery port department is provided with a rotatable cyclic annular baffle, be provided with a plurality of guide gear that are used for the water conservancy diversion on the cyclic annular baffle, cyclic annular baffle with it is formed with water channel to go out between the water dog. The utility model relates to a fire gun big gun head, the rivers that spray are concentrated, long firing range, have better atomization effect under the spraying state, can play better fire control effect.




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