A medical instrument disinfecting device for gynaecology and obstetrics


  • Inventors: WANG WEI
  • Assignees: 王伟
  • Publication Date: April 12, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-206081127-U


The utility model provides a medical instrument disinfecting device for gynaecology and obstetrics, includes the disinfect box, the interior bottom of disinfect box is equipped with the antiseptic solution ware, and the outside both sides of antiseptic solution ware are equipped with electric telescopic handle, fixedly connected with apparatus ware between two electric telescopic handle's the free end, the apparatus ware lies in the antiseptic solution ware and directly over, is equipped with a plurality of vertical baffles in the apparatus ware, lies in to be equipped with horizontal baffle between the left side wall of vertical baffle and the apparatus ware of apparatus ware left part, is equipped with a plurality of via holes on the horizontal baffle, and a plurality of through -holes have been opened to the bottom of apparatus ware, the interior top of disinfect box is equipped with the air distribution tube way, has seted up a plurality of air -out shower nozzles on air distribution tube says, the left end that air distribution tube said is connected with hot air generator. The beneficial effects of the utility model are that the lift that utilizes the electric telescopic handle free end drives the up -and -down motion of apparatus ware at the antiseptic solution ware, vertical baffle can separate the medical instrument of different grade type, prevents the confusion.




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