Paint brush



The utility model discloses a paint brush, including handheld pole, backup pad, support frame, guide arm, spring, connecting seat, cylinder, fender cover, sleeve pipe and fastening screw, fixed connection is in the left and right sides of backup pad respectively at the top of handheld pole, two support frames for backup pad fixed connection, and the guide arm is pegged graft on the support frame, and the top of guide arm and connecting seat fixed connection, and on the guide arm is located to the spring housing, and the butt is on connecting seat and support frame respectively at the upper and lower both ends of spring, and the cylinder rotation is connected on the connecting seat, the lower leaf sleeved inside is on handheld pole on keeping off cover and sleeve pipe, and keeps off cover and sleeve pipe fixed connection, and fastening screw threaded connection is on the sleeve pipe, and sleeve pipe and butt are passed on handing the pole to one end. The utility model discloses simple structure, convenient to use is applying paint the in -process of irregular wall with a brush, can finely tune the angle of applying paint with a brush of cylinder according to the wall angle.




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