Multilayer formula jewel box



The utility model discloses a multilayer formula jewel box, including the box body the inside vacuole formation of box body the box body upper end is equipped with and articulates the lid of connecting the inside cavity that forms in bottom of box body but be equipped with charged battery, control chip and memory in the cavity but be equipped with the interface that charges that meets with charged battery on the lateral wall of box body bottom be equipped with 2 USB interfaces that meet with memory, control chip respectively on the lateral wall of box body bottom, be equipped with the articulated lid door that sets up on the outer wall of box body be equipped with control switch on the lateral wall of box body bottom, the lid up end is equipped with telescopic pull rod the tip of pull rod passes through adjusted end and sets up infrared camera, LED lamp and bee calling organ, still including the built -in box that holds in the palm, the utility model discloses can solve prior art's problem, not only can place jewelry, can play the auxiliary illumination effect moreover in the show.




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