Novel COB packaging structure



The utility model discloses a new construction COB packaging structure, include from last solder mask, conducting wire layer, heat -conduction insulation layer and the panel that sets gradually extremely down, all be equipped with the dead zone of putting that the position corresponds on solder mask, conducting wire layer and the heat -conduction insulation layer, and the projection of solder mask on panel be located the projection the inside of conducting wire layer on panel, panel and heat -conduction insulation layer put the top surface that the dead zone position corresponds on be equipped with the reflection white glues, reflect and be equipped with a plurality of LED chip on the white glues, through adherent wire electric connection between the LED chip, and pass through adherent wire and conducting wire layer electric connection near the LED chip on conducting wire layer. The utility model has the advantages of direct coating reflection white glues on panel, and the LED chip is located reflection white glues top, having improved the heat dissipation and having reduced the light decay, and having chooseed for use reflection white glues panel can choose the lower aluminium scutum material of cost for use, and simple process saves the cost.




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