Long -range concentrated automatic measurement system of belt weigher in large area



The utility model relates to a long -range concentrated automatic measurement system of belt weigher in large area, including serial server, machine and many belt weighers are calculated in the measurement, the instrument of weighing of each belt weigher is passed through optic fibre and is connected with serial server, serial server passes through the network and calculates quick -witted the connection with the measurement, the instantaneous weight of machine in the acquisition time point according to setting up reads the instrument of weighing is calculated in the measurement, the cumulative weight, belt functioning speed, the belt weigher that calculates in the corresponding time quantum transports goods and materials weight data, measurement calculation machine is issued command signal and is transmitted the instrument of weighing for each belt weigher through serial server, the realization is to the remote monitoring of belt weigher. Its measurementdata is accurate, realized to the unified management of many measurement belt weighers in the large area, realize data in time upload the sharing, realized the function of practising fraud of preventing of weighing -appliance on the hardware of system.




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