Drying tower



The utility model belongs to the technical field of drying equipment and specifically relates to a drying tower, including the installing support and being located the casing on the installing support, the casing includes inner housing and outer casing, and upper seal plate and lower sealing plate connection are passed through to the both ends of inner housing and outer casing, install the heat medium pipeline between inner housing and the outer casing, and the heat medium pipeline is the S type along inner housing to be encircleed, be connected with first hot -blast import down on the ellipsoidal head, pipeline and blower connection are passed through in first hot -blast import, install the firing equipment between air -blower and the pipeline, the casing middle part still is connected with the hot -blast import of second, second hot -blast import passing through pipeline and firing equipment and blower connection, the utility model discloses a structure heat exchange efficiency is high, and the energy consumption is low, and the design of the hot -blast import of second can provide hot -blast in to drying tower from a plurality of positions, ensure with the enough height of hot air temperature of material contact, improve heat exchange efficiency, improvement dry material's efficiency.




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